Their interpretation of minimal techno is quite special. Dreamy and melancholic yet eccentric, with saccadic beats and soothing harmonies, it will surely leave you asking for more. 101 is an up-and-coming San Francisco duo, a collaboration of Philip Winiger and Alexey Laduda. They started making music together in late 2009 and are quickly becoming known for their wide-ranging taste and daring technique. Each of them has his own superpower and (at first) the two may even seem like complete antipodes: Phil comes from a sound-engineering background and Alexey is formerly known as more of a punk-rock kid-with-a-guitar type. They are maniacally productive, welding Swiss technical intricacy (Phil) and Russian vehemence (Alexey) into something that will soon become the new sound of San Francisco.

101 — Journey To Robenbeng (Original Mix)

101 — 605 (Original Mix)

101 — Risky Air (Original Mix)

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