Sergey Savenko, known as the FOND, was born in September 1987 in the small town of Rostov region, called White Kalitva. Purchased music from the passion of the creative parents. In 2002 he graduated from music school. Since 2003, there was a desire to go further on the musical path when to hand in a series of popular programs eJay. After trying these toys, felt an acute shortage of opportunities for these software products, but has appeared more willing to write masterpieces. In 2005 he moved to Novocherkassk, enrolling in a technical university. The new town began basic formation as a musician. Exchange experience with colleagues on a creative workshop allowed to master modern sequencers. In the early years spent in Novocherkassk, beat a few teams that play "heavy metal". Since early 2009, took up DJing and rapidly poshagal up the "ladder". He started playing in a small DJ-Cafe "Atika", and a few months later became a resident of one of the biggest clubs in Novocherkassk - "Crystal". Also during this time was more than once invited to a local Radio N "for presentation mixes and the author's compositions. Proved to be good at parties in Rostov clubs. Just was a member of the major open-airs Summer Drive Fest and FIRST. Played on the same stage with many famous names club scene. In late 2010, has released several successful releases, which had widespread support from world famous names of electronic music scene.

FOND — Bubble Gum (Original Mix)

FOND — Dandy Bit (Original Mix)

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